Who are not hurrying up sell SPY and FB in the highest top according to USNews.com's worse economy r

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  1. Who are not hurrying up selling SPY and FB in the highest top according to USNews.com's 12 years' worse economy quater and 2nd quater predict?

    The USNews.com's report address is "
    GDP Contracts 4.8% as Coronavirus Upends the U.S. Economy" at URL of https://www.usnews.com/news/economy...racts-48-as-coronavirus-upends-the-us-economy
    please check the SPY chart, just 2 month ago, US stock market has crashed for 4 times fusing, and on 1 week ago April 20th, the biggest fund of spy suddenly crashed down again, can now SPY go higher with a 12 years' worst quater and following quater than 3 months ago's better economy?

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  2. A good news to not only USA but also the whole world, the Coronavirus Dictators' illegally manipulating all USA stocks to be crashed or bombed to stop my earning hundreds USDs, and destroied usnews.com's ranking largest growth VONG may not happen on the No.1 biggest fund of SPY, FB, AAPL and MSFT. let the stocks changing normally but not be crashed and be bombed can make brokers have millions' trader customers, and can make millions companies' production and selling to be flourish, cann't it?

    "A summary of NMS rules" are posted on Nasdaq website: