Fixpusher 一个开源的fix开发和测试的工具,值得推荐!

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  1. Fixpusher 一个fix开发和测试的工具,值得推荐!:)

    FIX Pusher is a tool for developers and administrators working with the Financial Information eXchange (“FIX”) protocol. The FIX protocol is an industry driven standard for the electronic communication of
    trade related messages, released and maintained by FIX Protocol, Ltd.
    FIX Pusher can send and receive FIX messages. It supports you simulating workflows with third party systems speaking the FIX protocol. The application acts as acceptor or initiator.
    FIX Pusher can interpret and modify customized data dictionaries containing user defined fields. The tool supports FIX versions
    4.0 - 5.0 SP2.
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  3. A股用FIX码? 感觉A股交易系统深受台湾的影响,和国际主流的交易通信系统不一样
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