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  1. I renamed 偷天换日 to Alltime.exe and now it works. Alltime.exe and 偷天换日 are the same file by the way. When I run the loader, it changes system date to the installation date ("hope date"). When TBB is closed it changes back system date to previous (current) calendar date.
  2. Yes.

    wj2000, 偷天换日 or Alltime.exe aren't working as they should. After cleaning registry from ASProtect keys, using ResetTrial.exe, I installed Trading Blox. Then I executed 偷天换日 (which I renamed to and is the same as Alltime.exe). The solution worked for a while but then later on I got the warning message that the trial period was complete. Now I have to use ResetTrial.exe to extend the trial period instead as 偷天换日 isn't working. Do you know the possible reason for this?

    See and Edit your TradingBlox.exe.ini file, Changed its time to you can run time.

    I Recommended used ResetTrial.exe search and save registry from ASProtect keys to reg file, Through Introduction registry file to clearn from ASProtect keys to Constantly Access 7 day run time, not need re-install, not need changed system date.
    I will test Tomorrow.
  3. wj2000, I don't quite understand what you mean. What should I edit in TradingBlox.exe.ini file? With regard to ASProtect keys you mean adding them to the auto-cleaning list at startup? It seems that TBB generates different key numbers every time it's loaded. So I am afraid it won't work.

    Try using this on-line translator at Use the Chinese-to-English option. If you write in simple, clear Chinese, then perhaps the translator can do the translation correctly into English and I can use it too. 不幸地, 我無法讀中文。
  4. JConnor,
    registry ASProtect keys to reg file have some problem, I only search run TradingBlox.exe ASProtect reg keys, not find Unchanged install tradingblox ASProtect reg keys, I need Research it.

    See TradingBlox.exe.ini file's Content:

    You can changed TradingBlox.exe.ini file's "HopeDate=2008-1-14" to you first install tradingblox day, and used ResetTrial.exe Delete "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ASProtect\SpecData" .
    You can try it.
  5. wj2000的研究精神真叫人佩服
  6. trial版本里有哪些功能限制?知道的人罗列出来.
  7. 主要数据这一块被定死了
  8. 数据?可以随便用啊。
  9. JC 说:
    I have noticed a very strange thing about TBB trial version 2.2.8. Try the following:

    1) Make a fresh install of TBB 2.2.8 trial version (delete all files from previous installations);
    2) Don't update the sample data. Just leave the sample data comes with the installer;
    3) Run a simulation of the Donchian system with the default values and default date range (it makes a run from 1996-01-01 to 2007-12-31, in the "All Liquid" futures portfolio);
    4) Check the summary results (CAGR; Maximum drawdown, etc.);
    5) Now update the sample data;
    6) Run again a simulation of the Donchian system with the default values and default date range (from 1996-01-01 to 2007-12-31);
    7) Check the summary results (CAGR; Maximum drawdown, etc.);

    The results of the second simulation are completely different from the first one!!! And they should be the same! There seems to be a serious bug in Trading Blox Builder!
  10. 我估计可能不是程序的bug。可以对比信号出现的位置找出问题所在。第一次信号出现前数据的天数多少会影响测试结果。
  11. 已不能下载Trading Blox Builder 2.2了,可以再上传一下吗?
  12. Can someone pls. upload a fully functional copy of TBB latest with working link?
    All the earlier links are not working and waste a lot of time of everyone newly looking at the posts.
  13. Please Help me. All links don't work.
  14. Hi! WJ2000

    First of all I want to thank you for your superb forum, with many download links and usefull information and I want also to contribute with my related "material" if needed by anyone!
    I am new to this Discussion group and I'm sorry if I'm not following all the rules, but is it possible for you or someone else to send me the link for the latest working version of trading blox? I've tried "sharebig", "" and others, but none of them is working...
    I would appreciate your kind answer.

    Best luck for this project.



  15. Hi!

    Forgot to write my email:

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  16. Hi All,

    Thanks for kindly starting this discussion and all the feedback. I have tried the above said links but they all failed to work. If anyone has a working version and would like to share it please contact me at I have some trading software that I can offer in return.

  17. who can share the set up file?, thanks!