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  1. ff933 supplied me the Alltimer.exe file, which seems to work the same way you advised to do. I notice that you were talking about modifing the system date, say, to a future time and then installing the software. Is this way how this patch works? ff933 instructed me to inform the same date as the istall date. Why is that? The warning message will always appear in both cases?
  2. 又找到一个对付的办法,当tradingblox过去后可以用这个软件Trial-Reset 3.2,搜寻ASProtect键,然后删除就可以恢复7天的试用期了。

    You can try it "Trial-Reset 3.2", search ASProtect, and Delete it. you can also run 7 day.
  3. This is the easy way to fix the problem of my first pc that the tradingblox demo was expired before I run Alltimer. After I use this reset-trial, I have to remove it immediately because it contains some virus.
    Anyway, thanks!
  4. Thank you. I didn't run TrialReset because I modified the system date only after installing Alltime.exe so as to check whether it is working. Alltime.exe works well. It just doesn't remove the nag message.

    謝謝。我沒有跑 TrialReset 因為我修改了系統日期在安裝的 Alltime.exe 之後。以便證實是否這有效。Alltime.exe 運作得很好。它不去除報警資訊。
  5. Where can I download alltime.exe ?

    Also I noticed that in the demo version of Tradingblox 2.2 you cannot change the directory location for your data files.So you are locked into to using the demo data only.

    Apart from that, all features seem to work ok.
  6. T1000, did you test all of the other features so as to find out if there are any other limitations?
  7. JConnor,

    Yes I tested everything and only some options under the Edit - Preferences menu
    were disabled.

    You could just keep updating the supllied csv format data files from the website to test different data.
  8. It also cannot save changes in "Futures Dictionary", "Forex Dictionary" and "Order Generation".
  9. Hi all,

    I am new to Trading Blox, but I have heard that Trading Blox and Mechanica are good softwares for backtesting.

    Can anyone show me how to download the Trial version and 清除试用天数限制, as the links are apparently dead?


    p/s I am using Metastock and have tried to insall TradeSim, but failed! TradeSim is sophiscated software for backtesting, TradeSim works with Metastock...
  10. JConnor / WJ2000 or others,

    Could you upload the Trading Blox and 偷天换日 as the old links don't work?


  11. 偷天换日download:

    Trading Blox download URL see you email, I send email to you.
  12. JC,
    if your TradinBlox trial period is complete, you can used ResetTrial.exe, see picture.
  13. JC,
    Maybe you first used ResetTrial.exe Amendment tradingblox, Then Re -Generation alltime?
  14. I have a thought to overcome this trick. You may try to replace the the data file by your own data (to be tested) with the same data format. Say by replacing the file "AD20_10B" (Australian Dollar's file, you can see it with \Edit\Future Dictionary ), stored in the folder \c:\Program files\Trading Blox\Data\Futures\, with the future data that you want to test.

    I do notice that Trading Blox's Data format is quite strange with an additional data of "Undadjusted Close".

    Daily Data
    The fields must be set up as follows, with no header.

    YYYYMMDD, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest, Delivery Month (YYYYMM), Unadjusted Close, Extra Data 1 ... 8
    Stocks and Forex:
    YYYYMMDD, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Unadjusted Close, Extra Data 1 ... 8
    Everything after DOHLC is optional. You can create a file that only contains DOHLC, or you can create a file that includes more. But if you want to include more, it must be in the right order. So if you want to include extra data 1 but you don't have the futures month, then leave an extra comma there.
    If you are using CSI Unfair Advantage, the "ASCII Field Layout" for futures is DOHLCVINU.

    Intraday Data
    For intraday data, a header must be used with at least the first two items "Date,Time":
    Thereafter the format of the data is:
    YYYYMMDD, HHMM, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest, Delivery Month (YYYYMM), Unadjusted Close, Extra Data 1 ... 8
    Stocks and Forex:
    YYYYMMDD, HHMM, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Unadjusted Close, Extra Data 1 ... 8
    Trading Blox accepts the following optional date formats: YYYYMMDD, YYMMDD, MM/DD/YYYY, MM/DD/YY.
    Trading Blox accepts the following optional time formats: HHMM, HH:MM.

    I don't have comparable data. Can anyone try it and tell us if it works?

  15. spaceant, I don't know if you can use Trading Blox to read, edit, write and update data files. Whatever, you might use Wealth Lab Developer to do it. You will need to study the WealthScript language but it's worth a try. You can easily come up with a script to handle ASCII data files.

    Which data provider do you use for futures and forex data? I have not found a reliable and cheap one. The cheapest EOD data provider I could find is
  16. 感謝, wj2000 。現在軟體工作。
  17. wj2000, ff993: I notice every time I run the TradingBlox.exe file generated by Alltime.exe that the Windows system date is changed to an earlier data. Afterwards I have to correct Windows date. Is that normal?

    Do you know how I could completely remove all traces of both Alltime.exe and Trading Blox installations?
  18. I not used Alltime.exe, I used 偷天换日, it maybe not changed system data, maybe It only changed tradingblox run time.

    You also used ResetTrial.exe find and write tradingblox Related 3 ASProtect reg, used regedit to one Registry file( test.reg ), Introduction the Registry file to changed and Delete the tradingblox Related 3 ASProtect reg.
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