Trading Blox Builder 2.2

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  1. Can anybody help me to find the latest version of Trading Blox Builder 2.2? If you can help me, please send me a private message with contact details. Thanks.
  2. This guy claims that he has it (version 2.2). But he wants USD 350 for it, at the least.
  3. This guy also claims that he's got it (version 2.2) and wants USD 280 for it. Does anyone know of a cheaper source? Anyone interested in making a pool, i.e., we might buy it together and proportionally share the cost?
  4. What is The Trading Blox Builder install file name ?
    I download trial install file(v2.1.23).
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  5. 附件“偷天换日”可以对付这个软件2.2.5(需要在这个软件失效前进行处理)。
  6. 运行附件里的软件,“打开”里浏览到你需要运行的软件,然后在下面“软件能正常运行的日期”选择你可以正常试用软件的日期,然后点“偷天换日”就会对你的原始运行文件进行修改,其实就是生成一个和原来运行软件同名的一个软件+一个原始运行文件.DLL文件+原始运行文件.INI文件。我简单测试过了,修改系统时间超过1年还是可以用的,当然需要注意你不能让原始运行文件在超越期限的情况下运行。

    注意,千万不可在运行的时候(时间超过试用期的情况下)去点原始运行程序里临时还原的原始运行文件。exe,否则就等于原始运行文件在超过试用期的情况下运行导致失效了,我刚才就测试一下导致那台机器运行失效了, 千万当心!
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    谢谢wj2000. 估计许多人看了<海龟交易法则>一书后特想要这个软件呵.
  8. 听台湾的一个朋友说,这个方法破解有不少问题,只能算临时应付的方法,年底忙,有空再找人看看如何处理了,主要是没见到正式版的安装文件,看说明正式版的安装文件安装后第1次运行的时候首先要你注册才能运行的。
  9. Happy new year!:)
  10. wj2000, happy new year! Do you have access to the fully functional version of TBB 2.2? Is this version you posted fully functional? Thanks.
  11. Demo version. I only have TBB 2.2 Demo version. If you have Official version setup file I can try it.
    I do not find Official version setup file.
  12. wj2000, I installed the file and it seems to be fully functional, with all the features working, yet with the 7-day trial limitation. Can you fix it? I will also ask a friend and see what they can do.
  13. you can used 清除试用天数限制.rar fit it time limitation.
    清除试用天数限制.rar can download it from here(
  14. I ran the patch but it seems it doesn't work. Could you explain what it does to the program files structure? For instance, I noticed that it renamed TradingBlox.exe to TradingBlox.exe.ini. But then the program doesn't start anymore. Also, do you know whether after the 7-day trial period there are any additional limitations that the patch could not fix?
  15. This is run fit software picture.
  16. This is Completed picture.

    can you read Chinese? I only say littery English.
  17. The patch only fit time, it change Original TradingBlox.exe to TradingBlox.exe.dll, and Generation fit new files TradingBlox.exe and TradingBlox.exe.ini, You only run Generation new file TradingBlox.exe.

    Remember!!!!Do not run TradingBlox.exe.exe!!!!
  18. the patch only is Temporary fit it.
  19. For some unknown reason, the patch does not generate the new TradingBlox.exe file.
  20. What do you mean by "temporary fix"?