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  1. Zen Green CBD Cannabis use exceeds daily cigarette use among university students in the United States Daily cannabis use among university students in the United States already exceeds daily cigarette use, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Michigan Since cigarettes are fatal and highly addictive, and cannabis is none of those things, it is certainly a fact that demonstrates the acceptance of cannabis in today's culture. Daily use of cannabis for chronic pain is safe and effective According to clinical data published in the Journal of Pain . Patients with chronic pain who use cannabis weed daily for a year report reduced discomfort and increased quality of life compared to controls, and do not experience an increased risk of serious side effects. Research may be scarce, but there are lots of anecdotes that indicate that marijuana can be effective in reducing fibromyalgia pain. Visit any fibromyalgia support group on the internet, and you'll find more than a handful of pioneer members who have given up pharmaceutical products and instead smoke cannabis regularly for pain relief and better sleep. But if you've never tried marijuana before, the idea of using - even for medicinal purposes - can be scary and more than a little overwhelming. And then there are those who, like me, who smoked pot more than 20 years ago in college. We are not afraid to use cannabis. We know that it is relatively benign (especially compared to some of the pharmaceutical products we have taken for fibro). However, we have not taken the step, because we do not want to spend our days placed outside our minds. But thanks to the evolving medical marijuana industry, those of us who fall into either of these two groups now have a choice. In fact, there is a way to use marijuana without getting high! Cannabidiol-rich products (CBD) give some of the medicinal benefits to marijuana without having the sometimes unwanted psychoactive effect.