Is there anyone want to cooperate to earn from crazy TSLA and GOOG stock?

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  1. It is so crazy that over billions USD Tesla and Google stcks turn to go up over 40 USDs against 6 days' crashing down just because of my selling 3 shares on TSLA and GOOG?
    So, is there anyone want to cooperate to earn from crazy TSLA and GOOG stock?
    Since the world dictators using billions USD to trade only against with 3 positions of mine, you can just lend me about 1 million USDs, and I affect the billions USD TSLA and GOOG's moving trends to let you earn.
    I give you twice to four times USA bank's yearly interest to you, but only borrow 100000USD to 1 million USD. You can check the attachment screencopy of my trades on TSLA and GOOG for only 6 trades to find the crazy moving against my 3 shares.

    The 2nd file of TheWorldDictatorsManipulateTSLAChart.JPG is the TSLA's moving chart proof to compare with the 1st TWS's trades list. The 1st atachment file trades' time is Beijing Time, the 2nd file is IBKR's NewYork time.

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  2. In order to protect world's financial market and protect my family's little incomes, let us ask the world dictators' bank details, whose money is just like paper, but steal billions people's tax to crash world's technique giant companies to trade against a technique engieering's thousands USD income.

    These world dictators are too coward to accept my challenges: lending me only one thousandth of these world dictators' manipulating money, I can earn more than them! or ask these world dictators to challege with me by technique programming or using Linux, but not destroy the world's financial market and our developments.

    We should cooperate with president Donald and other billions traders to ask these world dictators' bank details, how have they stealing billions USDs to trade against an technique engineering's 5000USD family income by crashing the world's technique giant companies of Google, Tesla, AAPLE, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, the No. 1 lagest growth fund of VONG for 7 days, and have manipulated Tesla's stock crash down about half of its highest price only within 7 days.
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  3. Tonight, it seems that the Tsla's manipulating dictators are really going to be starvation, they are now opening TSLA sales by directly rise TSLA over 50 USDs,which are 10 times higher than past 10 years' average opening price, they using billion times of 800USD to trade against one of my 1 short position last night,
    on the other hand, Microsoft and other big technique giants' stocks owners are really very worth of Tesla's manipulating dictators to learn how to be not so hungry and how not to be starvation.