Kx Systems Signs OEM Deal With Guosen Securities

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    Hong Kong (10 Jan 2011) – Kx Systems, the leader in high-performance database and time series analysis, today announced that Guosen Securities Co. Ltd., one of China's top-tier securities firms, has signed an OEM license deal for its kdb+ database. The database platform will power Guosen's algorithmic trading system, which will be embedded in its offering to corporate clients.
    Kdb+ allows vast amounts of data to be accessed and processed with minimal latency. With a single format for both real-time and historical data, kdb+ provides performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications.
    Hanxi Liu, GM of Guosen Securities' IT department commented: "Choosing kdb+ was an important strategic decision for us. The sophistication of Kx's programming language and the addition of its calculation engine to our new algorithmic trading system provide us with a great competitive advantage and the optimal balance of speed and simplicity. Kx has made a serious commitment to the Asian market, and its industry knowledge and superior solutions have made the company a serious contender in the local arena."
    Chris Burke, Director of Kx Systems in Asia Pacific, added: "We are seeing rising data volumes across Asia, growth in algorithmic trading and increasingly stringent, data-intensive risk management processes. At the same time, companies are looking to drive down latency at all levels. The kdb+ platform was designed from the outset with this dual challenge in mind, and its combination of speed and flexibility has proven to be very compelling. We are delighted to be expanding our Chinese client base with such a well-respected name as Guosen Securities."
    This announcement follows the opening of Kx's Hong Kong office two years ago to support to its locally-based international clients, as well as the domestic financial community. Kx's 'Growth via Partnership' strategy with First Derivatives and Symagon has been extremely successful, resulting in several new relationships and the expansion of global clients into the Asian market.

    About Guosen Securities
    Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. is a Chinese financial services firm, established in 1989, was one of the earliest securities companies in China's securities market. In 2009, Guosen Securities ranked TOP 3 in the industry by total stock trading volume and fund brokerage services; ranked No.1 by the number of investment bank partners that issue stocks. In the 'Best Analyst' competition organized by New Fortune Magazine from 2005 to 2009, Guosen Securities' analysts team was consecutively honored as the 'Most Influential Research Team' and 70 analysts were crowned 'Best Analysts'. According to the Securities Association of China (SAC), in 2009, Guosen Securities was the only securities company whose 13 indicators of 18 ranked in the top ten. By the end of 2009, Guosen Securities' asset value totaled 74.96 billion Yuan, with a net asset value of 14.95 billion Yuan, and a net capital of 10.72 billion Yuan.
    About Kx
    Kx offers a unified approach to real-time and historical data analysis with its high-performance kdb+ database platform. kdb+ provides a portable 64-bit implementation of our expressive query and programming language to analyze and store streaming events, manipulate in-memory and on-disk databases, and build distributed low-latency applications. Our focus is on delivering the best performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications. For more information visit http://kx.com.


    香港,2011年1月10日:高性能数据库和时间序列分析方面的领导者Kx系统于今日宣布,已和中国一家顶级证券公司—国信证券股份有限公司,签署了对其Kdb+数据库的OEM 特许合作协议。该数据库平台将会推动国信证券的算法交易系统,并嵌入于其企业客户的产品内。
    Kx亚太区董事博贵思(Chris Burke)补充下述观点:“我们看到亚洲区数据量的上升,算法交易的增长,和日益繁重的数据的风险管理流程。与此同时,客户正欲降低所有层面的等待时间。Kdb+平台从一开始就是为这一双重挑战而设计的,其速度和灵活性的结合已被证明是非常引人注目的。我们很高兴像国信证券这样有名望的公司能够成为我们在中国的客户。”
    在宣布这一消息的两年前,Kx已在香港开设办事处以支援当地的国际客户和本地金融机构。Kx的“通过伙伴关系而成长”的策略一直非常成功; 透过First Derivatives和Symagon引进了一些新的联系,以及扩展全球客户并进入亚洲市场。

    关于 Kx系统 Kx以其高性能的Kdb+数据库平台,提供一个对分析实时和历史数据的统一方法。Kdb+实现了一种便携式64位的表达式查询和编程语言,以分析和储存串流事件,处理内存和磁盘上的数据库和构建分布式低等待时间应用系统。我们专注于为大量和繁重数据分析和应用提供最佳的性能和灵活性。欲知详细资料,请浏览 http://kx.com。
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