QuantDeveloper 2.73 retail and SmartQuant source code

Discussion in 'QuantDeveloper' started by certinfo, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. this is an interesting website, anyone can introduce a bit abt it?
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  3. Please check your yahoo mailbox
  4. do u 2.73 retail? i have source code from friendly but it doesn't compile......
  5. nw123, appreciate your help. i already downloaded the file. I am lucky that there so many friendly guys in our zone.

    liulingll, yes, this file is 2.7.3. can you share your source code? it doesn't matter that it can not compile, I only want to learn its structure, If possibly, I can do something good as that software does.

    thanks all!
    my mail is : tfangz at yahoo com cn
  6. Hi nw123,

    Could you please share a QD copy with me?

    My email is: ccfbinbin@qq.com

    Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi nw123,

    Could you also share the version of QD with me?
    My email is: guansd@hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi nw123,

    Could you please share the QD source code with me?

    My email is: sdlwm@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi nw123,
    I too am interested in the structure of the source code. Would you please send a copy of QD to me?

    My email is niceguyzme@yahoo.com
  10. 現在最新版是哪個版本?
  11. zwz


  12. 那公司方面的最新版是哪個板本呢?
  13. zwz


    www.quanthouse.com 上没有版本相关信息。机构可以申请DEMO,不过也拿不到DEMO版本。
  14. 了解
  15. Hi nw123,

    Could you also share a copy of QD 2.7.3 with me?
    My email is: tangpopo@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot!
  16. anyone who get this copy, pls send one to me.thx.
    my email: certinfo@163.com