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  1. The FIX Dictionary is based on the latest specifications of FIX Protocol.

    Onix Solutions is unique in its approach to the provision financial market connectivity, trading solutions and FIX enabled software. We are not bound to a single operating system, we are not tied into a single development language or methodology or approach. We provide true solutions tailored to the client. For us low latency, high throughput, failover, monitoring, control and ease of use is an absolute neccessity, not a selling point. A true solution must work tomorrow and not only at the point of delivery. Thus we only provide fully supported and maintained software without license fee for it is only the ongoing support of trading applications which has any value.

    Onix Solutions provides a suite of product libraries which when combined enable full lifecycle trading strategy management over multiple asset classes. Clients select only those components they require or complete packaged trading solutions.

    We mitigate the need for modifying implementations when connecting to multiple destinations. We provide destination compliant and certified solutions and maintain these for all clients. A true long term solution.